Infections NZ is a not-for-profit consumer-led organisation, supported by a community of medical specialists in the fields of microbiology and infectious diseases.

The community of Infections NZ includes the New Zealand public interested in the improved practice of infection prevention and control, IPC practitioners, consumer advocates, and infectious disease specialists. Together the Infections NZ community can generate informed, evidenced-based, non-partisan information and advocacy campaigns to achieve its objectives.


Our mission:

  • To foster public understanding on the importance of preventing and managing infections and reducing risk of anti-biotic resistance in people
  • Be a public voice for the improved practice of infection prevention and management

Our objectives:

  • Improve public awareness on infection prevention and anti-biotic resistance
  • Advocate for a well-resourced IPC workforce across New Zealand
  • Promote the need for access to comprehensive, accurate and timely information for healthcare professionals and the public
  • Support the Government’s implementation of the AMR action plan

How you can help:

Tell us about infection management lessons and events in your profession that others can learn from

Share our content through your organisation’s communication channels

Share your infections stories for us to get the story heard on a wider scale